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Assistance With Funeral Expenses

Catholic Charities assists families in need of funeral assistance with a $100 donation when the deceased was not covered by any type of insurance coverage and the surviving family members are low income and unable to pick up the funeral expenses on their own.  Please call 876-0490 for an appointment.  Tips on helping to keep the funeral expenses as low as possible are given at the time of the appointment.  Items needed to apply include a copy of the funeral home contract and proof of family income.

Please note that wooden, cloth covered caskets (which are hundreds of dollars cheaper than the metal caskets) are available at all funeral homes to help lower the costs of the funeral.  Families interested in the wooden casket must tell the funeral home that they want this type of casket.

While overwhelming for a family to face these expenses initially, we have witnessed that over a short period of time…family, friends and acquaintances of the deceased also come forward with donations to help the family meet funeral expenses.  If expenses still aren’t covered this way, families have sought donations from other social service agencies and have held benefit dinners or garage sales to help bring in the extra cash needed.

 It Happens Every Day

Life insurance is often purchased to protect against loss of income, but policyholders commonly fail to inform the beneficiary(s) of the policy's existence.

Find Lost Life InsuranceAs a result, there are many unclaimed life insurance policy death benefits because of long dormancy periods or lack of awareness. Insurance companies would like to distribute what is rightfully due, but the responsibility to claim benefits lies with the survivors. It is estimated that over $1 billion of insurance proceeds currently could be claimed by beneficiaries from insurance companies operating in the United States.

To search for a policy of a deceased loved one contact: or for policies purchased within the State of Louisiana: 



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